NOS Journaal Podcast

There’s good news for students of Dutch language who do not have access to Dutch television. The Dutch evening new programme NOS Journaal is now available as a podcast. Obviously it’s a great advantage to be able to watch and listen to “real life” (as opposed to purely “teaching materials”) Dutch media. The facility to […]

Cheerful listening practice

Inspired by the earlier entry on featuring “YouTube as a Dutch Learning Aid ?”, I’ve been back to YouTube in search of more (slightly more advanced!) entries to follow that introduction. After trying the obvious search terms, such as “learn Dutch”, “Dutch language”, “teach Dutch” etc. without finding anything outstanding, it was time to […]

YouTube as a Dutch Learning Aid?

I just tried typing “learn Dutch” and “learning Dutch” as search terms in YouTube. Some of the results are a bit mischievous and they occasionally tend to misrepresent the words they are teaching you to say… The two girls in this video┬áseem pretty straightforward though. Also the video ends by showing a pair of painted […]