Long Distance E-Bike Riding Numbers

On Electric Bike Report Gary Corbett gives some interesting numbers pertaining to his record breaking E-Bike ride.

The single most striking number is the number of times that access to battery charging (a socket) was refused along the 27800 km of riding. It happened twice. This sounds about right to me. While I usually ride less distance than the battery allows between natural charging times there have been occasions where it has felt “wise” to plug it in at some point along the way and nobody has ever been less than helpful.

Also interesting are the range figures quoted. 39.95 km out of a full battery charge on a Haibike XDURO Trekking sounds about right for a laden bike on hilly terrain. It certainly should not be a lot less.

95.2 km out of a 400 Wh battery and 114 km out of a 500 Wh battery on the other hand sounds spectacularly good but given frugal use of higher power modes and favourable wind and terrain I can just about believe it.

The worst cycle track they encountered is listed as National Route 1 on the east coast of England, “a national disgrace”. I have personally never cycled this route but I have encountered stretches of National Cycle Routes often enough and I am slowly learning… The pictures on local authority websites, of grandmothers riding with grandchildren on idyllic paths, have tempted me to give them a try more than once and I don’t think I have ever enjoyed it. Particularly on Route 5 close to Oxford there are parts where there was obviously funding to set up / pave the route at some point but no maintenance has been done since resulting in some spectacularly bad surfaces best left to people riding 160mm travel full suspension mountain bikes if not in fact off-road vehicles. National Cycle Route 5 – 3/10 – Must try harder.