Introductory overview of the Dutch Language

Inspired by the earlier entry on featuring “YouTube as a Dutch Learning Aid ?”, I’m still checking back to YouTube for more gems about the Dutch Language.

Here’s a slightly more academic look at recognising a page of text as Dutch, as opposed to say German. It is presented by American academic Prof. Alexander Arguelles. After watching the following clip and also visiting Prof. Arguelles’ page on YouTube I’ll certainly be watching more of his material.

The above is extremely simple. It just compares Dutch with English and German, and refers to other Germanic languages only collectively – without actually naming any others. However this clip is part of a series and, being an early “episode”, there must be a good chance that future entries about recognising other languages will include comparisons with Dutch.

If you found this as interesting as I did you might also want to visit Prof. Arguelles’s page on YouTube to read more about his approach thoughts on learning teaching and learning languages.

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Tulip started learning Dutch recently. She has a long way to go but is having fun trying !

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