Dutch News iPhone App with NOS Journaal

One of our Dutchclassers has now written an iPhone App to aid in learning Dutch and in the spirit of true Dutchness has also placed this app for sale on the Apple App Store. The App is called NLTV2 and it allows the user to watch the latest podcasts of a number of Dutch news and current affairs programmes by streaming them directly to an iPhone or iPod touch. No need to download or sync podcasts, the App just streams the material directly to your iPhone.

NLTV2 can stream both the NOS Journaal and the NOS Jeugdjournaal. The Dutch main news programme and the version of the news for younger watchers. Unsurprisingly the Jeugdjournaal is easier to watch and understand for Dutch learners but a lot of the normal Journaal can be gathered too even if you do get bizarre moments like watching Nigel Farrage being interviewed (in English) with Dutch subtitles.

We are actually rather impressed. Now if only we could understand all of that Dutch.

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