Cheerful listening practice

Inspired by the earlier entry on featuring “YouTube as a Dutch Learning Aid ?”, I’ve been back to YouTube in search of more (slightly more advanced!) entries to follow that introduction.

After trying the obvious search terms, such as “learn Dutch”, “Dutch language”, “teach Dutch” etc. without finding anything outstanding, it was time to get a bit frivolous! I was surprised to find that “Dutch cartoons” generated a list of Danish cartoons. Eventually persistence paid off. If you’re willing to dig them out YouTube will reward you with a fair few fun kids’ cartoons in Dutch.

This one seems especially cheerful:

As a beginner learning Dutch I’ll have to watch it a few more times to catch all the words. They are pronounced clearly so that shouldn’t be too difficult.

There are many more similar cartoons linked to this one. (If you play this cartoon and watch it to the end, a menu including more cartoons in Dutch follows.)

Published by Tulip

Tulip started learning Dutch recently. She has a long way to go but is having fun trying !

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