Long Distance E-Bike Riding Numbers

On Electric Bike Report Gary Corbett gives some interesting numbers pertaining to his record breaking E-Bike ride. The single most striking number is the number of times that access to battery charging (a socket) was refused along the 27800 km of riding. It happened twice. This sounds about right to me. While I usually ride […]

E-Bikes on the Rise

E-Bikes have been around for a few years now and they are becoming increasingly popular. When started riding mine at the beginning of 2015 I would only very rarely seen another person on an E-Bike in and around Oxford. Now, summer of 2016, I see one or two almost every single day and most of […]

Before the NOS Journaal is Podcast …

A few months ago DutchClass.co.uk mentioned the availability of Dutch news as NOS Journaal Podcasts. Since then I’ve been watching Dutch news podcasts now and then- not every day, but enough to help me learn a bit more useful and up-to-date Dutch. Imagine my surprise to receive from a Dutch friend a link to the […]